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CEO Update | Monday 14 January 2019

JP Morgan saw key M&A activity, new approaches from key UK pharma, a buzz about cell and gene therapy and concerns about the ongoing impact of the US Government shutdown. I’ve written a short blog on my perspective here.   On Brexit, the vote tomorrow is a key watershed, but for our sector we expect ongoing detail from the government on no-deal contingencies. We will focus our analytical and briefing capability on providing members with actionable information, in what is a very uncertain political context.

Maximising Returns from Investment in New Technologies: TEA Anyone?

Process intensification, biotechnology, electrification, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and advanced materials are changing the face of manufacturing. Deciding which technologies to adopt at what point in the development cycle is critical to business survival and growth. Rapid Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) modelling informs timely decision making and business strategy. Increasingly companies need in-house capabilities to adapt effectively to the opportunities and risks of new manufacturing technologies, yet these skills are not always readily available.

BIA responds to second Life Sciences Sector Deal

Today the government has published the second Life Sciences Sector Deal. The document details both public and private sector investments into the sector, including a £1bn research and development investment from BIA member company UCB and a new partnership between government and industry using artificial intelligence to develop the next generation of treatments.

Video of the week | Yarvie | Raising Money

The Scientific Founders behind some of the UK's most exciting emerging biotech companies share their perspective on building a business around their science.

BIA City and Finance Update November 2018

Deals remain the key driver of interest for the life sciences financial sector with a successful Jefferies Conference.  Also this month, BTG plc was sold to Boston Scientific for £3.3bn, which looks set to boost cash inflows for investors in H1 2019. Also, in this edition, the Efficient Market Hypothesis – and we meet Bioscience Managers.

CEO Update Monday 19 November 2018

Brexit continues to dominate the headlines and last week we welcomed the progress on Brexit discussions as we saw initial agreement between the EU and UK on a withdrawal agreement and the political agreement on the outline of a future relationship.

Event Feature: Window on Wuhan

International trade priorities for the life sciences post-Brexit

As the Brexit negotiations inch ever closer to a crunch point and debates heat up in Parliament over the UK’s preparedness to leave the EU, the government continues to ready itself to strike future trade deals. This work is being led by Liam Fox’s Department for International Trade (DIT), which was set-up after the EU referendum with the responsibility to lead the UK’s independent trade policy post-Brexit.

BIA heads to Hong Kong and China to explore future collaboration on weekend new US regulations on biotech investment come into force

The UK Bioindustry Association (BIA) is taking a delegation of members to China for BioCentury China Healthcare Summit to promote UK science to Chinese companies and investors to encourage further collaboration between the UK and China, and will be visiting Hong Kong to explore opportunities on their stock market.

Cobra Biologics and the University of Leeds Collaborate in BioProNET Funded Project

£100K grant will fund proof-of-concept studies to optimise bioprocessing of gene therapy vectors using hydrodynamic fluid flow fields