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bioProcessUK: Where next for sustainable biotechnologies?

Sustainability affects us all. It’s not just centred on one country or one industry, it is a collective societal goal that we should all be working towards so that we, and our flora and fauna neighbours can safely co-exist on Earth well into the future.

CPI opens world-leading Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Scotland to raise the bar in pharma manufacturing

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre – a unique collaboration led by technology innovation catalyst CPI alongside 24 partner organisations from pharma, government, business, and academia – opens in Glasgow, Scotland; The Centre’s ‘Grand Challenge’ business model follows the UK Life Sciences Strategy roadmap to accelerate innovation and is driving sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Touchlight receives grant to advance rapid, scalable and thermostable doggybone DNA vaccine platform

Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will build on preclinical data showing the potential of nanoparticle-formulated doggybone DNA to deliver strong antibody titres and strong T cell responses.

ACROBiosystems collaborates with Carterra to enable large-scale characterization of potential drug candidates

Through the combination of ACROBiosystems’ high-quality multi-pass transmembrane proteins and Carterra’s innovative LSA platform, large-scale comprehensive characterization of drug candidates using high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (HT-SPR) can be rapidly performed.

ACROBiosystems Launches a new Logistics Center in Switzerland

ACROBiosystems has announced the launch of its first European logistics center and warehouse this month in Basel, Switzerland.

UK Supplier expands to provide Chemically Defined & Serum-Free Cell Media Solutions for the Cell and Gene Therapy Industry

BioPharma Dynamics, a leading life sciences solution provider, proudly expand their extensive portfolio for the Cell & Gene Therapy market to offer a range of chemically defined T-Cell Media, DMSO-Free Cryopreservation Solutions, and Recombinant Growth Factors.

Tecan and RevoluGen enter into agreement for 96-well plates for use in automated Fire Monkey HMW-DNA extraction kits

UK genomics company, RevoluGen Ltd. is pleased to announce its agreement with Tecan, a pioneer and global leader in laboratory automation, for the manufacturing and supply of Tecan’s 96-well filter plates to be used in RevoluGen’s automated Fire Monkey™ High Molecular Weight (HMW)-DNA extraction kits.  

CEO Update | 7 November 2022

Great to see the UK leading the world in cell therapy this week with news that laboratory-grown red blood cells have been transfused into volunteers in a Bristol-based clinical trial that could help revolutionise treatments for patients with sickle cell disease and thalassemia. As we get ready for the bioProcessUK conference next week in Edinburgh our community knows that cost-effective manufacturing scalability is a key challenge for this new modality and will take confidence in the fact that it is here in the UK that we are leading the world in pioneering such new approaches.

bioProcessUK spotlight: Addressing and bridging the skills gap in advanced therapies

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGTC) Skills Team came together in 2021 to address the critical skills gap in advanced therapies in the UK by creating and facilitating the use of various skills programmes to engage new talent and upskill existing talent. If you have spoken to one of the Skills Team or have seen a presentation recently, you will be familiar with the Skills Demand Survey which was published in 2021.

bioProcessUK spotlight: Merck Life Sciences

Ahead of the 19th annual bioProcessUK conference (15-17 November, Edinburgh), which will look at the latest biotech innovation and growth in the UK, including continuous process manufacturing, read our latest blog by Dr Michael Burns, Senior Biomanufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Sciences & Technology at Merck Life Sciences.