• Overarching Political Issues

UK Life Sciences and the changing commercial environment

The BIA has this week responded to two government consultations that are likely to have significant impacts on the commercial environment for medicines in England. Over the summer, the Department for Health and Social Care published consultations on proposed changes to the statutory pricing scheme for branded medicines and the introduction of regulations to allow NICE to charge companies for their health technology appraisal programme

Guest Blog|RPC LLP| Using data to reduce your company's litigation ris

High profile litigation reported this summer emphasises how important it is for manufacturers to have a firm grip on data demonstrating the safe performance of medical products.

CEO Update: Monday 3 September

Thanks for the positive feedback on the sector Brexit announcements made by the UK government across the summer. As Westminster goes “back to school” I think we have a clearer idea of both what the UK government ‘s desired Brexit Deal (as set out by the Chequer’s plan and MHRA early August announcement) looks like (see our webinar here). And what No Deal would mean for our sector from the technical notices published two weeks ago. A no-deal scenario would mean a significant increase in duplication of bureaucratic red tape for developers of innovative medicines. We did see a number of specifics that the BIA has called for in these notices, including proposed unilateral recognition of existing EU processes, which is essential to minimise disruption.

BIA influencing activity, April – July: Strategic technologies

Influencing the government and policymakers to the benefit of the bioscience sector is one of the BIA’s core activities. In this blog, we take a closer look at our influencing activity in the second quarter of 2018 in the exciting policy area of strategic technologies. These new and emerging areas of bioscience will change the way R&D is conducted, boost productivity, solve environmental problems, and deliver the life-saving treatments of the future.

BIA responds to UK Government letter to pharmaceutical industry on stockpiling medicines

The Department of Health has today written to pharmaceutical companies on the EU Exit – Human medicines supply in a March 2019 ‘no deal’ scenario. The letter details government contingency plans to stockpile medicines to cope with any potential delays at the border that may arise in the short term.

BIA responds to the release of Government technical notices on no deal Brexit

The UK Government has today released a series of 25 technical notices that offer guidance for business on what will happen in a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The notices were launched following a speech by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

Life Sciences Industrial Strategy & Sector Deal Newsletter

Welcome to the first Life Sciences Industrial Strategy & Sector Deal Newsletter. Here you will find an update on how we are progressing with the implementation of phase 1 of the Life Sciences Sector Deal as well as our upcoming priorities and engagement opportunities.

Quarter in numbers - Influencing and shaping our sector – BIA update April – July 2018

The BIA is involved in continuous engagement to enable our members’ voices to be heard at the highest levels. Our most recent Influencing and Shaping Our Sector report gives an overview of some of the key policy and regulation work we have undertaken between April and July. This includes engagement with policymakers and wider stakeholders, ensuring members are briefed on the the latest Brexit updates, and submitting consultation responses on issues that impact on our members.

Pharmaceutical industry responds to Trade Bill amendment on medicines

Parliament has voted in favour of amendment NC17 to the Trade Bill that will make it a negotiating objective for the UK Government to seek the UK's participation in the European medicines regulatory network.

CEO Update: Monday 9 July

What a week we’ve picked for our annual parliament day this Thursday. Chief Executives and senior management from over 40 of our members will join us on the day to interact directly with over 30 ministers, MPs and senior civil servants, raising the profile of the biotech sector. It’s now the day that the government releases its white paper on the UK’s future relationship with the EU post Brexit.