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Empowering innovation to the global market with Acro Certify

With Acro Certify, ACROBiosystems offers a ‘bridge’ to help cross this chasm. When it comes to developing the right ‘Go-to-Market’ strategy, Acro Certify helps tailor a strategic plan targeting each region to optimize product success.

PrecisionLife and King's College London agree on data access agreement to enable new precision neuroscience treatments and diagnostics in MND/ALS

The techbio company PrecisionLife announces it has reached a data access and licensing agreement with King’s College London to enable it to generate and commercialize novel insights into Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

SiSaf and the University of Leipzig partner to develop Bio-Courier targeted miRNA for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

RNA delivery and therapeutics company SiSaf Ltd today announces its collaboration with the University of Leipzig, Germany, to develop Bio-Courier targeted micro interfering RNAs (miRNA) for the treatment of cancer, with an initial focus on pancreatic cancer.

Coming soon, the RSV vaccines

Last month, Science has published the ten biggest scientific breakthroughs in 2022. The positive progress of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccines was one of them because the extremely bumpy research and development journey seems to be near the finish line finally.

CEO Update | 13 February 2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reorganised the UK Government last week creating brand new departments including the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). These changes impact most of the key policy areas the BIA engages with the UK government on and will have broader implications beyond the headlines. Read the blog for my initial take.

ACROBiosystems announces the start of its recombinant antibody services

ACROBiosystems has now officially begun its recombinant antibody services which includes comprehensive services encompassing gene construction, expression, purification and quality inspection.

Imperial startup Biocentis to develop genetic tech to control harmful insects

Biocentis has received investment to use CRISPR-based gene-editing to control insect populations that harm health, food security and biodiversity. The Imperial College London startup was founded in 2022 by Imperial researchers in partnership with technology-focused investment group Neurone to create a more effective and sustainable alternative to pesticides.

CEO Update | 9 January 2023

I write this week from San Francisco where the JPM conference is now well underway – with full participation from the UK ecosystem. Folk are already talking about  the announcement of BioNtech’s MoU with the UK Government to develop next generation cancer vaccines in partnership. Also demonstrating the UK’s capability in accelerated innovation is the news from RQ Bio and AstraZeneca that the first of RQ’s monoclonal antibodies to prevent COVID-19 in vulnerable patients, which originates from work of the BIA Antibody Taskforce, has entered clinical trials less than 12 months after discovery, with the start of AZ’s SUPERNOVA Phase I/III trial.

Evaluating Inhaled Aerosol Vaccines: No-needle COVID-19 Protection?

The COVID-19 epidemic has now entered its third year with its effects still being felt across the world. In many countries, there have been an alarming trend of waning vaccine efficacy paired with the emergence of variants with stronger immune escape and transmission ability. This consistent challenging of our pre-established immune barriers has driven the need for new, innovative vaccine modalities that overcome the hurdles of existing vaccination programs.

Touchlight and Odimma Therapeutics announce clinical material supply agreement to develop personalised cancer therapy

Touchlight, a biotechnology company pioneering enzymatic DNA production to enable genetic medicines, today announces a development and supply agreement with Odimma Therapeutics, a French biotech company focusing on personalised cancer immunotherapy.