Cancer researchers taking the MYC

Cancer researchers taking the MYC (pronounced Mick) is an oncogene – a gene that when deregulated can contribute to formation of cancer. Many things are known about the Myc protein produced from this gene: that it interacts with DNA to switch on/off many other genes (about 15% of all genes!), and in turn it orchestrates several (more than 10) cellular processes. But when there’s too much of it, it helps cancers to develop, and this is a key feature of more than half of all cancers in humans. But we still don’t know enough about it.

Transplant hope for minorities as researchers change kidney blood type

Kidney Research UK-funded researchers at the University of Cambridge have successfully altered the blood type on three deceased donor kidneys in a ground-breaking discovery that could have major implications for kidney patients. The project could increase the supply of kidneys available for transplant, particularly within ethnic minority groups who are less likely to be a match for the majority of donated kidneys.

BIA Update | 15 August 2022

With the August lull and many people taking well-earned breaks, at BIA we are forging ahead with planning new events and new directions for 2023. As BIA membership continues to grow and thrive we face the challenge of continuing to connect and engage effectively with ever larger numbers of member companies and their employees, and we’re looking to address this with additional capabilities and exciting new initiatives.

Medicines Discovery Catapult and ZEISS Set Sights on Advancing Microscopy

Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) and ZEISS have joined forces to improve drug discovery and early development of complex medicines by harnessing the power of advanced microscopy solutions.

EngBio Innovator Spotlight:

UK companies are working across a diverse range of applications of engineering biology. Featured in the 'Power of Biology: The UK is engineering biology for global good' report, the following case study highlights and gives additional insight into how this transformative technology can be used across healthcare, industry and agriculture. 

Arecor granted European patents protecting proprietary formulations of high concentration Humira® biosimilar

Patents demonstrate strength of innovative ArestatTM technology and its potential in development of enhanced formulations of high value biologics Further strengthens Group’s extensive patent portfolio protecting its proprietary Arestat™ technology and proprietary products

Inspira Pharmaceuticals joins the Lab Hotel at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC) has welcomed Inspira Pharmaceuticals to its Lab Hotel, a unique facility offering free lab and office accommodation for six months. The start-ups receive scientific and business support, access to SBC’s networks and introductions to investors to help their business grow and develop.

CEO Update | 8 August 2022

Summertime can be a quiet time but there has been a string of high-profile announcements within the UK sector to celebrate. Last week, RoslinCT announced that they have signed a business combination agreement with US advanced therapy CDMO Lykan Biosciences to form a global leading innovative advanced therapies CDMO. Read more on our engagement with the Labour Party and Biomedical Catalyst Round 2.

BioIVT Acquires Cypex, a Leading Manufacturer of Drug-metabolizing Enzymes

Cypex’s recombinant xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes complement BioIVT’s extensive portfolio of hepatocytes and related hepatic products for drug research and development.

RoslinCT and Lykan Bioscience combine to create leading Advanced Cell Therapy CDMO

Combination creates global leader in process development and GMP manufacturing of advanced cell and gene therapies with transatlantic footprint in the US and UK. Key leadership, staff and shareholders of both businesses will remain and have reinvested in the new entity, with a shared strategic vision for growth