Following the outcome of the EU referendum, George Freeman MP, formerly Life Sciences Minister, announced the formation of the UK EU Life Sciences Steering Group to oversee and manage the transition for the life sciences sector and consider “how the UK can seize the opportunity to define a new relationship with the EU”. 

An initial report detailing the sectors concerns was released in the September following the referendum – Maintaining and growing the UK’s world leading Life Sciences sector in the context of leaving the EU which you can download here: 

The BIA has worked to bring together its members alongside stakeholders from across the UK Life Sciences sector to present a joint voice on the key issues for our sector. Four priority areas have been identified:

  • Funding for scientific research
  • Trade
  • Regulation
  • Talent

The BIA provides updates on our work in these four areas in our monthly Brexit webinars. See the BIA Events page to register for the next webinar.