People are the key ingredient for innovation and commercial success. From technical training policy to executive mentoring, the BIA works to ensure the UK bioscience sector has the skills and talent it needs to succeed in a competitive global industry.

Successful innovative businesses require a range of professionals with different skills, experience and training. The UK bioscience industry is supported by the UK’s world-leading service sectors, including legal, finance, marketing and communications. To maintain competitive advantage, the UK must deliver world-                                                                               leading technicaland academic education and have an immigration system                                                                                           that facilitates quick and efficient recruitment of global talent.      

The BIA’s People Advisory Committee (PAC) brings together human resources (HR) professionals from member companies to inform BIA policy on issues surrounding the recruitment, employment and training of those working in the sector, as well as providing a forum for sharing best practice and information. This advisory committee is currently under revision, from January 2018 PAC will evolve and it is hoped will encompass and represent the Talent, Skills and People issues applicable to our industry. We are therefore in a scoping phase to test how best we will cover these important themes and issues  in the future. The BIA is also an owner member of Cogent Skills.