What is Engineering Biology?

The industrial revolution in the 19th century was a triumph of engineering, as humanity built machines to harness mechanical power from coal. The technological revolution, beginning in the 1980s, is a triumph of digital programming and smart gadget design. The Human Genome Project at the turn of the 21st century was a revolution in biology, laying out the genetic code of life - DNA. 

These advances have already transformed our world. The next revolution promises to do so again. It combines engineering, biology and programming to create tools , processes, products and organisms that are greener, cleaner, more efficient and more effective than ever before. 

This is engineering biology.  Its applications span medicine, agriculture, energy, manufacturing and almost every other industrial sector. UK companies are at the forefront of this engineering biology revolution. They’re helping develop the engineering biology toolbox. 

To learn more about Engineering Biology, you can download our Engineering Biology: A guide to engineering biology and UK exellence in the  field guide, featuring case studies from BIA members Prokarium, CHAIN Biotechnology Ltd, Green Biologics, Customem, Synpromics and Touchlight Genetics.  You can download the report below.

Engineering Biology Explained

Engineering Biology Explained

Celebrating UK Bioscience | Engineering Biology

Alongside the explainer we have also produced a video that features case studies from  ProkariumGreen Biologics and Synthace. This video explores the ways in which these innovative companies are exploiting Engineering Biology 

We would like to thank the BIA's Engineering Biology Advisory Committee for supporting the production of the guide and video.