BIA response to the Science and Technology Committee's inquiry on UK ARPA

The BIA has responded to the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry on a UK Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). In our submission, we argued UK ARPA:

  • Must be unique compared to other UK funders and have extraordinary ambition
  • Clearly identify, articulate, design and address challenges that are under-served by existing public funders, industry, and investors
  • Fund research from any discipline in a technology-agnostic way at any stage of the innovation pipeline
  • Actively manage the overall R&D process throughout its projects whilst providing flexibility and freedom to the individual researcher groups and companies which it funds 
  • Work with end-users (customers), industry and downstream investors to ensure the solutions its projects are developing are implemented in practice
  • Operate with a high degree of autonomy from central government and have long-term horizons