BIA submission to Sir Paul Nurse's review of the UK RDI landscape

The BIA has responded to Sir Paul Nurse’s invitation for views on the research, development, and innovation (RDI) landscape in the UK.

In our submission, we highlighted:

  • The areas of most importance to life science SMEs, including access to finance, collaboration, a supportive regulatory environment, effective public funding streams, as well as policy continuity and forward-thinking
  • The role of life science SMEs as a route through which the UK will realise the economic and social benefits of a strong RDI landscape
  • The importance of creating the right policy environment for the RDI intensive life sciences sector and its innovative companies

This ecosystem-wide review is a timely opportunity – as the UK emerges from the pandemic with a renewed impetus for scientific progress, and with the life sciences sector vibrant and relatively well-financed – to look at the system as a whole and what each component needs to perform at its best.

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