BIA submission to S&T inquiry on delivering a UK science and technology strategy

The BIA has responded to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's inquiry into delivering a UK science and technology strategy.

In our submission, we highlighted:

  • The life sciences sector is universally recognised as world-leading and delivers great benefits to the economy, the health of the nation, and is essential to making the UK a science superpower.
  • Ensuring the full implementation of the current Life Sciences Vision and its strategic, complementary and comprehensive link to other science and technology strategies across Departments and sectors is vital for a successful joined-up UK science and technology strategy.
  • To become a science superpower requires: access to finance for innovative companies; an enabling policy environment; a supportive regulatory and legal framework; a collaborative ecosystem; forward thinking; global reach; a strong pipeline of research translation; and a thriving skills and talent base. 

There are ongoing reviews of various aspects of the science and technology system, including the recent review of Sir Paul Nurse into the research, development, and innovation (RDI) landscape in the UK. The Committee will examine the findings of these reviews in due course.

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