BIA submission to the UK IPO's consultation on AI and IP

The BIA has responded to the UK Intellectual Property Office’s consultation on copyright in works made by AI, text and data mining using copyright material, and patents for inventions devised by AI. 

In our submission, we highlighted:

  • No change to the status quo regarding legal changes to computer generated works (CGW) should be made
  • A text and data mining (TDM) exception that allows mining of both copyright works and databases, for both non-commercial and commercial use, rather than attempting to adjust the definition of “non-commercial use”, should be introduced
  • If an AI system is the actual deviser of an invention and the invention meets the various other criteria for patentability, then that invention should be afforded the same protection as a human conceived invention
This submission follows on from the BIA’s previous submission to the UK IPO’s 2020 call for views on how the IP framework currently relates to AI and the future of AI and IP policy.

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