Department for International Trade (DIT) One Health Brochure

UK Global Innovations: Adopting a One Health Approach to Promote Future Sustainability

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), One Health is not a new concept, but a cross-disciplinary approach that recognises the close connection between humans, animal and plant health and our shared environment – and one that has become more important in recent years.

Today, One Health is more important than ever to improve the global response to infectious outbreaks such as COVID-19, growing antibiotic resistance (AMR), increased risks of diseases – vector borne and, in our food, water contamination and other global health challenges from climate change. It calls for new and better ideas to tackle the root causes and create real, long-term solutions. 

This new brochure, developed with partners in industry and public sector, presents why the UK is emerging as a global leader in One Health and showcases over 100+ innovative UK organisations with solutions in global challenges of

  1. Providing sustainable nutrition to a growing and ageing population 
  2. Tackling infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance and preventing pandemics
  3. Sustainability in health system and wider environment


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