The UK is an internationally renowned centre of excellence for life sciences with strong innovation, research, development and manufacturing assets across the sector. Biotech entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to change the world by developing life-changing medicines and cures for disease. 

The skills needed to start and grow a biotech company are complex. BIA works collaboratively with member companies and partners to develop effective skills programmes.

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PULSE - Programme for Up and coming Life Sciences Entrepreneurs

PULSE is a free three-day leadership and entrepreneurship training programme developed by the BIA and the Francis Crick Institute. It is aimed at aspiring leaders and first-time CEOs looking for practical advice, support and feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and suppliers.

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Success Stories

Read the stories from Future Leaders Fellowship, UKRI Innovation and the In2scienceUK Scholars.

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BIA's Innovation Map

This tool is designed to help navigate the UK incubators, accelerators, training programmes and other support available to establish or grow your business.

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N-Site contains key documents, guidance and legislative developments of relevance to life science business, ensuring that you have the right information to help you make critical strategic decisions.