We are delighted to have a charity partnership with RNID.

RNID is the national charity supporting the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus. Together, we will end the discrimination faced by our communities, help people hear better now and fund world-class research to restore hearing and silence tinnitus. RNID is the only charity in the UK dedicated to funding hearing research.

RNID’s ‘Hearing Therapeutics Initiative’ (HTI) accelerates the global development of new treatments and therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing loss and tinnitus. The HTI does this by creating partnerships across the global hearing research ecosystem – from hearing researchers and clinicians and funders and investors, to those working in biotech, pharma, and hearing device companies. Learn more and join the HTI Network.

Will you Step up for RNID with the BIA?


Join the 2024 challenge: Step, cycle, swim, wheel, or run however, whenever, and wherever you want to connect the BIA’s HQ in London with the global hearing research community and raise funds for RNID!

Compete with BIA member organisations across UK life sciences to be crowned as team and individual winners - (prizes for the furthest distance & most funds raised) at the BIA Summer Party! 

  • When: 6-31 May 2024 (Deaf Awareness Week is 6-12 May).
  • Where: 200 km to 5,000 km over four weeks.  
  • How: In teams (2 -10 people), sign up, choose a target destination/distance, get sponsored and prepare to start moving from 6 May.
  • Why: Every step you take and £ you raise will support the acceleration of global development efforts for new treatments and therapeutics aimed at preventing and treating hearing loss and tinnitus.

In teams, connect the BIA's headquarters in London with global cities where hearing therapeutics are being researched:

  • 200km - Sheffield, UK
    • Research focus: Cell therapies for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss
    • Best achieved by: walking, running, wheeling, swimming, cycling
  • 700km - Tubingen, Germany
    • Research focus: Enhancing and preserving hearing for people with sensorineural hearing loss
    • Best achieved by: walking, running, wheeling, swimming or cycling
  • 900km - Montpellier, France
    • Research focus: Therapeutic solutions to treat, prevent, and restore hearing
    • Best achieved by: running, wheeling, swimming or cycling
  • 3,000km - Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Research focus: Gene Therapies for inherited hearing loss
    • Best achieved by: running, wheeling or cycling
  • 5,000km - Boston, USA
    • Research focus: Gene therapies to restore, improve, and preserve hearing
    • Best achieved by: cycling

Working together

  • This partnership between RNID and the BIA and its members comes at a pivotal moment in global hearing therapeutics.
  • Our partnership will boost efforts to accelerate the progress being made to bring about treatments to prevent hearing loss, restore hearing for those who want it and silence tinnitus.
  • To maximise impact, 100% of funds raised over the year will be restricted to RNID’s research funding.

Harriet Oppenheimer, Incoming Chief Executive at RNID:

Harriet Oppenheimer.png
Harriet Oppenheimer, Incoming Chief Executive at RNID

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the BioIndustry Association’s charity partnership of the year for 2024.

“Only 83p is spent per person affected by hearing loss on ‘ear’ research each year in the UK and when compared to other conditions, it is not very much at all. RNID is focussed on closing the gap and working with partners like the BioIndustry Association and its members to increase awareness, interest, and support of this emerging therapeutic area both now, and in the future.”

Carla RNID.png
Carla Golledge

A message from Carla, who graced our gala event to share her profound journey as the mother of an extraordinary young boy named Cameron.

At only 11 years old, Cameron battles with the challenges posed by Norrie Disease, a rare genetic condition rooted in mutations within the NDP gene. 

Born blind, diagnosed with autism, and needing around-the-clock care, Cameron has very profound and complex needs – but, for his mum, the hardest part of their journey so far has been Cameron’s progressive hearing loss.

Fearing ‘a life of silent darkness’ for her child, Carla courageously shared how RNID’s mission to fund world-class research to reverse hearing loss and silence tinnitus gives her family hope.

"Thank you for your incredible support at the BIA’s Gala. Together, we raised an amazing £64,000 that will contribute to groundbreaking research into hearing loss, potentially transforming lives like Cameron's.

With no effective cures for hearing loss, thinking about Cameron’s future sometimes feels daunting, fearing a life filled with silent darkness. However, the support you showed for RNID last week gave me a much-needed boost of hope.

This isn’t just for Cameron; it’s also for the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf, have hearing loss, or tinnitus. That's why I'm delighted that RNID is this year’s BIA Charity of the Year Partner.

The timing couldn’t be better, with recent advances in understanding the biology of hearing loss and tinnitus and the first clinical trials of gene therapy to restore hearing showing huge promise. This not only brings hope to those with hearing loss but also creates significant opportunities for the bioindustry—opportunities that RNID is uniquely placed to help you explore."

Here are three ways you can support RNID:

  • Join RNID’s Hearing Therapeutic Initiative: Stay updated with the latest insights and connect with experts in the field. Register your interest.
  • Make a donation to support RNID’s groundbreaking research, to bring about life-changing treatments to restore hearing and silence tinnitus. Donate today.
  • Connect to RNID’s Director of Research to discuss potential opportunities for your organisation in the emerging field of hearing therapeutics, email [email protected]

Thank you for giving me — and all those who love someone losing their hearing — hope.

Cameron and Carla.jpg
Photo of Cameron and Carla