BIA Members saved £10 million in the last 12 months

Delivering significant savings for our members with the most competitive scheme of its kind in the UK

The BIA members benefit from significant savings thanks to our Business Solutions purchasing programme and discounted entry to the BIA and industry events and conferences, helping them to grow more cost-effectively. 

Last year our members saved over £10 million on 7,000+ products across the lab and office supplies. In addition, they saved 1,800+ hours on procurement of research, project management, purchasing, specialist insurance, legal and quality services.

The BIA members often save well beyond their membership fee, providing great value and enabling them to spend money on progressing their companies.

Take advantage of BIA Business Solutions and start saving today!

Avantor VWR logo

Avantor®, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the biopharma, healthcare, education and government, and advanced technologies and applied materials industries. Their portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research development and production activities in the industries they serve.

As the channel brand of Avantor®, VWR offers an integrated, seamless purchasing experience that is optimised for the way their customers do business. By partnering with the BIA, VWR has created a tailored business solutions programme that offers the BIA members exclusive access to contracted pricing from the leading distributors in life science research. By joining the programme, your organisation will become part of one of the largest and most effective purchasing programmes in the UK.

Here’s what VWR offers:

  • A highly qualified specialist team with dedicated Account Managers. Their staff have industry expertise, as well as the passion to collaborate with customers, helping them innovate and succeed. They have built a track record of supporting science from discovery to delivery.

  • A broad portfolio of their own quality, trusted brands as well as access to millions of other products so their customers get exactly what they need. VRM innovates in all areas - product, services, technology and digital tools - to offer its customers ever-increasing quality and choice.

  • Analysis of your current laboratory spend to identify areas of immediate savings and feasible product substitutions. VWR also organise trials and evaluations.

BIA member benefit:

  • Access to 1.5 million products from 5,000 different manufacturers.
  • Virtual Warehousing stock reservation and batch management.
  • New innovative products launched each year.
  • Daily deliveries throughout the UK.
  • Supplier management and third-party procurement.
  • Electronic ordering and invoicing.
  • On site services.
  • Instrument calibration and validations.
  • Change control process.

Amici logo

Amici provides a purchasing and supply chain management service, allowing biotech organisations to focus on discovering life changing innovations. Their experts will save you time and money while their easy-to-use software will give you the traceability and control
that you need.

Here’s what Amici offers:

  • Amici will source and negotiate anything and everything for you.
    In addition to the millions of pre-negotiated products already available through Amici, they have a sourcing team of scientific and purchasing experts who will find and negotiate anything and everything for you. Any supplier, any product – it’s all part of their unique service.

  • Amici guarantees to save you money.
    Amici’s group buying power means that they have access to pricing that individual customers do not. Amici is delighted that every single one of their customers saves money by joining!
  • Amici works only for you.
    They are passionate about their independence. Amici doesn’t bill suppliers or accept incentives! They are proud to be part of your team and act only on your behalf.
  • Amici grows with you.
    From start-up to publicly-traded organisation, Amici has a range of operational solutions available via a single platform that will support your growth.

BIA member benefit:

  • All of the above, plus access to additional BIA only discounts for VWR products.

ShareVault logo ShareVault’s information security and sharing software platform enables organisations to protect, manage and share confidential information. With its competitively unique life science industry features, life science companies can use ShareVault throughout all their stages of growth.

Here’s what Sharevault’s software platform offers:

ShareVault’s robust security functions, granular access controls and detailed activity monitoring also mitigates the increasing risk of cyber security threats to prevent confidential data and document leakage and unauthorised access. Confidential information can be consolidated in a ShareVault centralized repository to create a protected “single source of truth” with secure connectors to SharePoint/Office365, Box, Dropbox, Google drive and integration with DocuSign for secure document review, approval and e-signature.

  • Secure central repository: mitigate cyber security risks, information leakage, unauthorised access, consolidate information with connectors to BOX, DropBox, SharePoint/ Office365 and DocuSign.
  • Business transaction due diligence: M&A, IPO, fund raise, asset sale, technology transfer, licensing.
  • Collaboration and sharing: Partnering, vendors, service providers, CROs, CMOs, board members, scientific advisors.
  • Audit and compliance: Unique support for eCTD regulatory submissions and eTMFs, inspection readiness, 21CFR11 and HIPAA compliance.
  • Med Device regulatory and in the end audit FDA and regulatory audit and inspection 510(K), PMA document organisation, sharing and preparation.
  • Remote clinical trial site monitoring: Reduces trial delays and disruption.

BIA member benefit:

  • Minimum 25% discount for annual ShareVault PRO subscription; 30% discount for multi year ShareVault PRO subscription Connectors to Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, Office365, Google Drive at no cost.
  • eCTD regulatory submission and eTMF (electronic Trial Master File) folder structure provided at no cost.
  • Migration of documents and folder structure from other file sharing system at no cost.
  • Low cost ShareVault for members of accelerator or incubator organisation. logo is the pharmaceutical industry’s leading AI-Powered marketplace for outsourced R&D. The marketplace connects scientists with over 3,800 global service providers while increasing the efficiency of the sourcing process from both budgetary and time management perspectives. provides value by reshaping the way that research organisations approach sourcing. By reducing the amount of time is takes to find and onboard the right suppliers whilst increasing average saving per project, the marketplace drastically simplifies R&D.

Here’s what offers:

  • Reduced timelines through simplified sourcing.
  • Competitive bids for every request.
  • COMPLi®, an award-winning compliance tool.
  • Expert assistance from the Research Concierge™ team.
  • Dramatically reduced outsourcing costs.
  • Access to the latest in scientific technology through the Innovation Hub™.
  • Added market intelligence through ratings, badges and reporting.
  • Management of all orders through one secure, online portal.

Research services

Since 2007, has worked on sourcing projects for researchers at almost every large pharmaceutical company and currently operates private marketplaces for 24 of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical organisations, over 80 biotechnology companies and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US.

BIA member benefit:

  • Easy access through the BIA Marketplace
  • Dedicated Marketplace Support
  • Save 1/3 off all platform costs with your BIA membership