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BIA membership is a representation of 600 biotech and life science companies, from start-ups to big pharma, as well as academic institutions, research organisations, charities, and service providers to the sector. Membership is open to all organisations that are committed to advancing the biotech and life science industries in the UK.

Our membership also includes academic, research, and philanthropic organisations, as well as service providers to the biotech and life sciences sector. Together, we create an ecosystem for innovative life sciences and biotech in the UK.

Looking back on 2023

BIA year membership in numbers

The BIA is a leading membership organisation for the UK biotech and life sciences sector. With over 600 member companies, from start-ups to big pharma, the BIA offers a unique opportunity to influence policy makers, connect with industry leaders and save money on business solutions. 

  • Influence: The BIA works closely with government to develop policies that support the growth of the UK biotech and life sciences sector. BIA membership offers a direct line to policymakers, ensuring that your voice is heard on the issues that matter most.  

  • Connect: BIA members have access to a vast network of industry leaders and experts, from start-ups to big pharma. We host a variety of events and conferences that provide opportunities for members to connect with peers and share ideas. 

  • Save: BIA members save money through the BIA Business Solutions Purchasing Programme. The programme offers discounts on a wide range of products and services, including lab supplies, office equipment, and more. 

Whether you're a new or existing member, the BIA membership can help your company grow.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each membership type and the benefits of belonging to the BIA.


This membership is for established life science companies with annual sales of £2 million or more, involved in the development or application of biotechnology products, processes or enabling technologies.

Corporate members have access to all of the benefits of BIA membership, including:

  • Influence policy makers
  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Save money on business solutions.
Emerging corporate

This membership is for the smallest emerging companies involved in the development and application of biotechnology products, processes, and enabling services. Emerging Corporate membership is for life science companies that have raised less than £5 million and have under £2 million in sales. 


This membership is for life science companies that operate outside of the UK, do not have a presence in the UK, or are looking to understand our environment better. International members also have access to all of the benefits of BIA membership.


This membership is for organisations and individuals that provide services to and actively support  the biotech and life sciences sector.

Associate members include accounting firms, banks, communications and PR firms, consultants, financial services providers, law firms, patent attorneys, and recruiters.


Are you an institution or charity wanting to establish links with the BIA, and your life sciences involvement is on a not-for-profit basis?  This is the membership category for you.

Network members include academic and research institutions, philanthropic entities, health advocacy groups, government agencies, economic development groups and overseas trade associations.

BIA Membership make-up 2023

Members represent organisations (not individuals) across the full life sciences ecosystem.

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