Diversity and Inclusion in UK Biotech

Building a thriving, diverse workplace is a priority across all industries. For the UK’s life sciences and biotech sector to thrive, it must attract and nurture talented innovators from diverse backgrounds, who can access investment and retain talent in a highly competitive market.  

In 2023, the BIA published the first of its kind report on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the innovative life sciences and biotech sector in the UK. The data analysis demonstrates strong inclusivity and an overall level of diversity of talent working in the sector. The report also reveals significant diversity gaps across disciplines, management levels and demographic traits which require action at both a company and sector level.

The Diversity and Inclusion in UK Biotech report is based on a research study of 1,200 employees across 30 self-selected member organisations, representing a self-selected sample varying in size, investment stage and location. The individual member companies who took part were provided access to their organisation's specific diversity and inclusion data.



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