Developing your company

Whether you are a biotech and life sciences start-up or an SME, BIA offers several ways to fast-track your company.

BIA represents the UK ecosystem of biotech and life sciences companies, enabling industry professionals to engage with peers, build relationships and connect with the right people.

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BIA events and networks

We host a range of events throughout the year, including conferences, workshops, webinars and networking events. BIA's online LinkedIn networks enable you to discuss matters important to your company and gain insights into the latest trends and industry news. 

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Funding opportunities

Discover funding opportunities for biotech and life sciences companies.

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Access guidance and insights

A range of online resources, best practice guides, research findings and webinar recordings are available to make sure your company has the support needed from R&D communications and IP, to marketing and search for your next lab location. 

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Start-up resources

BioStart is an exclusive community for innovative early-stage entrepreneurs and start-up founders to exchange ideas, seek advice and share insights. 

BIA Innovation Map

While there are many organisations and initiatives aimed at supporting early-stage companies, identifying the right one for where your business is right now can be difficult. The Innovation Map is a directory of accelerators, incubators and other support organisations that enables you to start narrowing down which offers are right for you, and help your company develop to its full potential.

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SMEs resources

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Be in the right place at the right time

The BIA promotes the UK’s biotech and life sciences industry overseas. Stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends, and get involved in overseas missions that will help your company succeed.

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Have your voice heard

The BIA's Policy and Public Affairs team actively engage with the government to improve the funding and regulatory environment for our members. Learn more about advisory committees and communities, which are crucial for highlighting the most relevant issues facing biotech companies.