The BIA campaigns to improve the uptake of new medicines by the NHS.

While it is important that the UK has a supportive environment for bioscience companies, the ultimate aim is for patients to have access to life-saving or life-enhancing new medicines. Having a supportive home market is important to the whole bioscience sector, including UK SMEs. Uptake of new medicines is front of mind for global decision makers when considering where to invest.

The medical pipeline is increasingly comprised of biological medicines, which are expensive to develop and manufacture but can offer great benefits for patients. With limited healthcare budgets, ensuring patient access to these latest medical advances will require new flexible routes for licensing, evaluation, uptake and reimbursement.

The final report from the Accelerated Access Review, published in October 2016, included a recommendation for a funded Early Access to Medicines Scheme, for which the BIA has long advocated. The BIA is working with Government, NHS England, NICE and other stakeholders to ensure the Review is implemented in full.

The BIA also manages the Rare Disease Industry Group to address the access and reimbursement issues specific to medicines for rare and ultra-rare conditions.

Patients should have access to a treatment based on clinical need, even if this would be individually costly to the NHS because of the rarity of the disease

Poll conducted by Populus and commissioned by Genzyme Therapeutics Ltd

This data is included in the  BIA report Strong Public Support for Equal Access to Treatment for Patients with Very Rare Diseases