What is AMR?

Antibiotics are a triumph of modern medicine. Alexander Fleming’s famously serendipitous discovery of penicillin during the 1920s led to one of the most effective treatments for bacterial infections, still in use today. But the success of penicillin and many other antibiotics developed since has created an entirely new, arguably even bigger healthcare challenge, that of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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Bacteria have learned to out-smart antimicrobial molecules and have developed resistance. Bacteria reproduce and evolve far faster than humans and most animals, and they can share helpful DNA easily among each other, not just with their offspring. 

To learn more AMR, and what BIA member companies are doing to tackle it, you can download our explainer document Antimicrobial Resistance Explained: A guide to antimicrobial resistance and how UK excellence is helping tackle this global challenge. This report features input from BIA members Destiny Pharma, Neem Biotech, Novabiotics and Summit Therapeutics

Antimicrobial Resistance Explained

Antimicrobial Resistance Explained

Celebrating UK Bioscience | Antimicrobial Resistance 

We have also produced a video which features case studies from Destiny PharmaSummit Therapeutics and Matoke. The video explores how UK biotech companies working on cutting-edge science to combat the threat of AMR. 



We would like to thank the BIA's AMR Working Group for their assitance.