We are proud to be working with Kidney Research UK as our charity partner for 2022

Kidney Research UK are the largest charity dedicated to kidney research in the UK. Their vision is to free lives from kidney disease.

The charity funds research into all aspects of kidney disease - from understanding the condition, to how it can be prevented and treated. We want to discover better, kinder treatments.

Research has given us life-saving kidney transplants, dialysis machines that filter the blood when the kidneys fail, and drugs to keep us going. But these treatments come at a cost. They can be gruelling, confining, relentless. A transplant is not a cure, they rarely last a lifetime. There's been some progress in treating kidney disease, but not nearly enough. We must transform these harsh treatments to make them better and remove the fear and anxiety they bring.

Millions need our help.

Kidney disease still affects three million people in the UK. And one million of those don’t know they are at risk. That’s three million people who are someone’s parents, grandparents, children, friends. Kidney failure is rising, as are the factors contributing to it, such as diabetes and obesity. Almost one person every hour in the UK develops kidney disease. And history is repeating itself, with successive generations experiencing the same life-limiting health problems and inadequate treatments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life for people with kidney disease even tougher. Thousands are still shielding due to being at higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from the virus. Before the vaccination programme began dialysis patients had no choice but to put themselves at risk by attending their life-saving hospital treatment. Patients who have had a kidney transplant take vital immunosuppressant medicines which stop their transplanted kidney from being rejected. These medicines also mean that some kidney patients aren’t responding as well to vaccination (if at all). Lockdowns have also exacerbated the mental health problems that come with living with kidney disease.

Now is the time to improve the UK’s kidney health.

We must increase innovation and investment in renal research to change and save lives. In partnership with the BIA and its members, our combined resources will enhance Kidney Research UK ability to influence policy and facilitate patient engagement. Connecting industry, charity and academia we will work together to provide better outcomes for people affected with kidney disease to live life better and to drive research that transforms treatments.


BIA Charity Partnership application criteria

The BIA promotes an ecosystem that enables innovative life science companies to start and grow successfully and sustainably, enabling our world-leading research base to deliver healthcare solutions that can truly make a difference to people's lives. Keeping people at the heart of what we do and having one strong sector voice (the patients alongside the industry) is crucial to achieving this.

The BIA works with one chosen UK charity each year, connecting them with the influential thought leaders within our strong ecosystem of corporate businesses, networks, academia, and associates.

Get to know us

Our partnership

What we offer and what we would like in return

  • Gala Dinner is our major fundraiser. All donations and profits from the Gala Dinner Auction go to our chosen Charity of the Year. You get out what you put in, and in the past, this has come up to £40k on the night. We also offer five free seats alongside our VIPs, giving you an opportunity for invaluable conversations with politicians and the most influential leaders in our sector.
  • We might ask for your help in securing speaker or experiences for the auction in advance and supplying up to six staff to assist us in running the event on the night. These staff usually wear Charity t-shirts to promote their organisation.
  • FoC supporters stand at BioScience Forum: a key BIA conference, which attracts over 240 delegates and covers topics of interest for all bioscience companies. Interspersed with ample networking and partnering opportunities, it is the place to showcase your organisation.
  • Whilst you will get to know all BIA staff, we also offer a relationship manager, who you can contact at any time with additional questions.
  • Hosting the BIA’s away day in May each year – a chance for the BIA staff to learn more about what your charity does and increase connections between our organisations. Each year we value the use of a meeting room (for up to 20 people) for a morning, alongside a tour or a presentation on what you do.
  • BIA will champion medical research during policy discussions at all levels.
  • A handover conversation at the end of year – the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • Free of charge attendance and networking at our events throughout the year. Key events include our Gala Dinner, Committee Summit, Parliament Day and BioScience Forum. We can also offer opportunities to speak at some of our events.
  • Hosting a webinar to promote the research you’re doing to tackle the problems for your patients. Our events team can coordinate and market a webinar for you. We hold monthly webinars and can work with you to find a suitable time. If you’re working with a BIA member, we encourage you to present together to show the links and strengths of a unified sector. However, this isn’t compulsory and won’t affect your application.
  • You will receive the same benefits as BIA members. This includes promotion within Newscast (our weekly newsletter), publishing your jobs, news and events on our website, as well as social media mentions. After the first year, you are given the opportunity to continue the relationships you have built over the past year by become a paid BIA member.

Previous Charities of the Year have:

  • received forewarning to when key policy documents of interest will be released
  • extended their reach through the networks made at our events, being invited to present at industry conferences 
  • made the most of their attendance at and connections with BIA advisory commitees, expanding their knowledge on priority topics. For example, translation via our Science and Innovation Advisory Committee (SIAC).

2023 dates

Anytime: Register online for a BIA event; get to know the work we're doing in the sector and meet some of our staff. Our events are across the year and throughout the UK. 

1 May 2022: Opening date for applications

31 July 2022: Closing date for applications

5 August 2022: Applicants to be advised of their outcome.

August: Initial kick-off meeting between partners.

September - November: time for Charity to begin sourcing Gala Dinner prizes, and incorporate opportunities into their 2022 planning.

December: Official announcement of successful 2022 Charity of the Year, Gala dinner planning meetings, handover with 2021 charity partner.  

January - December 2023: Activities as discussed over previous five months. 

Application criteria

The charity must:

  • be based in the UK
  • be actively supporting an area of medical research of interest to at least one of the BIA’s corporate members
  • not have received support from the BIA in the past five years
  • be properly constituted and compliant with all areas of charity law (for example, filing of proper accounts on time)
  • be/or become a member of the Association of Medical Research (AMRC)
  • explain how much you have spent on biomedical research in the UK in the last three years (% of overall income/wealth)
  • propose a speaker for the dinner (usually a patient advocate)
  • be able to supply a maximum ten auction prizes for the Gala Dinner

Please also submit a brief proposal detailing how a year-long partnership with the BIA will accelerate the development of research and development in the charity’s chosen disease field.


“We were delighted to work with the BioIndustry Association during 2017. As a result of our partnership, we were able to boost knowledge about dementia drug discovery through a dedicated webinar on the subject, and to speak to new audiences about dementia research and access to future treatments at a number of important events, including the BIA Forum. The BIA also invited Alzheimer’s Research UK to be part of its annual Parliament Day, helping us to share insights with policymakers about the impact of government policy on dementia research as well as shared messages on current life sciences issues.

Crucially, the BIA raised an incredible £44,188 to help power dementia research – enough to fund an entire Pilot Project to test innovative new research ideas. Support like this is crucial in our efforts to bring about the first life-changing treatment for dementia, and we can’t thank the BIA enough for giving us their backing.” - Alzheimer's Research UK

Please note, we reserve the right to support more than one charity and to give different opportunities for profile-raising. Proposals will be judged against the criteria above and, ultimately, the choice of the Charity of the Year will be that of the BIA’s Chief Executive.

For more information please email Jane Wall.