Guest blog: ‘Diversity in STEM: why it matters more than ever’ – By Gillian Burgess

Dr Gillian Burgess, Site Head of UK Research and Vice President at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Board Member of the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) of employers, sets out the business case for keeping up the momentum on diversity across the science industries.

BIA comment on Government response to the Health Committee’s report on Brexit and medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin

The BIA has commented on the Government’s response to the Health Committee’s report on Brexit and medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin.

BIA analysis of the Office for Life Sciences 'Strength and Opportunity' and 'Life Sciences Competitiveness Indicators' data

Last week the government produced two reports looking at the vital statistics of the UK life sciences industry and the international competitiveness of the UK environment for life sciences businesses. Here we take a brief look at the data and pick out some interesting statistics.

CEO update: Monday 21 May

Today the PM delivered a speech on the vital role AI can have in diagnosing chronic diseases and challenged the NHS, the AI sector and health charities to use data and AI to drastically improve current diagnosis capabilities to prevent 22,000 cancer deaths each year by 2033.

Video of the Week - Getting the most from BIO 2018

Heading to BIO? Watch our latest webinar for tips and guidance on how to make the most of your trip to Boston. We cover everything from transport to networking receptions.

Guest blog: 'Capturing the true diversity of genomic data' - By Global Gene Corp

Genomic data is increasingly used in healthcare, yet the data’s European ancestry bias means that it is unrepresentative of the global population as a whole. In this blog, BIA member Global Gene Corp explores this issue and how the company is working to address the problem.

Life Sciences sector responds to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee report on the impact of Brexit on the pharmaceutical sector

A report published today [Thursday 17 May] by the BEIS Strategy Committee, calls on the Government to secure a post-Brexit deal to protect the patients in the UK and the UK's pharmaceutical industry.

Securing Skills in Medicines Manufacturing – reality or pipe dream?

Over 300 Industry leaders from 160 leading organisations met in Cardiff last year at the 14th Annual bioProcessUK Conference. Top of the agenda, which focused on the latest news, updates and developments within the manufacturing and biologics arena, was the topic of skills, highlighted by many as one of the main drivers in building a stronger UK medicines manufacturing basis. In this blog, we take a look at some of the key points that were discussed.

Guest blog: ‘Introducing the European Innovation QuickFire Challenge’ – By Christina McGrath, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS

Johnson and Johnson Innovation has recently launched a €100,000 funding competition aimed at supporting exciting innovative ideas, technologies and solutions from the European ecosystem for improving Human healthcare. In this blog, Christina McGrath, Innovation Activation QuickFire Challenge Manager at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, explains the challenge’s background and what it aims to achieve.

Humans on a chip – the future for research and drug discovery

Medicines Discovery Catapult, the Centre for Drug Safety Sciences at the University of Liverpool and the NC3Rs combine forces to propel the UK into the race to advance organ on a chip technology