Inpart Global Challenge: Sustainably feeding global populations

We have partnered again with Inpart, a leading global platform for science partnering, to support the launch of their latest Global Challenge campaign. Inpart has also partnered with leading sustainable agriculture R&D companies Merck, Hochland, Le Groupe Bel, CP Foods, Carrot Ventures, Incotec (part of Croda); and formed a unique strategic partnership with The Good Food Institute. This campaign aims at forming crucial research partnerships to address one of today's biggest challenges: feeding global populations sustainably in a changing climate.

This is a great opportunity to start new conversations with academics, biotech/startup labs, and R&D professionals if you are looking to advance agri-tech, sustainable food production or alternative protein solutions.

Find out how to get involved on the Global Challenge website.

To hear first-hand from Inpart’s industry partners on what they’re looking for, sign up for their free online event series to connect with the partners.