Pioneer Presents: Enabling Scale-Up of Novel Food Production Systems

  • 12:00, 9 Jul 24 - 13:00, 9 Jul 24
  • Online, Online
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Join us online, with our partner CPI, to gain a better understanding of the Scale-Up of Novel Food Production Systems.

The food industry is changing. Sustainability is becoming a key concern as businesses look to new products and processes for a generation of socially and environmentally conscious consumers. Through the Novel Food Innovation Centre, CPI is rising to meet that challenge, accelerating the development of alternative foodstuffs that can help to cut carbon emissions and move the UK towards its ambitious net-zero targets.

Our speaker, Jude Huggan, Business Development Manager, will talk about how CPI are a catalyst for innovation, and how their Novel Food Innovation Centre gives companies access to industry-leading expertise on novel food development and manufacture. Its purpose is to support both business and academia throughout the innovation journey. From ideation to commercialisation, encompassing product development, process development and process scale-up – we’re putting ideas into action.

Alongside industry-leading expertise the Novel Food Innovation Centre is home to cutting-edge food-grade facilities. The centre integrates a variety of technologies from ingredient production through formulation and packaging solutions, to support the sustainable food supply chain.