Pioneer Presents: Planetary Health – Green Carbon for the UK Chemicals Sector

  • 09:30, 30 Apr 24 - 16:00, 30 Apr 24
  • The Wilton Centre, Redcar
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Join us for this exciting Pioneer Presents live event to hear from experts across the UK Chemicals sector and their endeavours to become more sustainable, through the development and deployment of renewable carbon feedstocks.

We live in a world driven by linear economies, where we take resources, make things, consume them, and throw them away. This way of living uses finite raw materials and produces vast waste. In contrast, in a circular carbon economy, things made from carbon, such as chemicals and plastics, are created and consumed in a way that minimises our use of virgin-fossil resources, cuts waste and reduces carbon emissions. We must accelerate our transition to a truly circular carbon economy.

The chemicals and plastics sector are responsible for nearly 10% of global GHG emissions, with the use of fossil carbon from below ground, being the main cause of anthropogenic climate change. Reductions in the inflow of further fossil carbon from the ground into our system must be reduced as quickly as possible and by high volumes. While the UK rightly emphasises reuse and avoidance, the chemical and material industries are essentially only possible with carbon-based feedstocks – and unlike the energy sector, the chemicals sector cannot be “decarbonised”. Instead, this industry must be de-fossilised.

09:30 Coffee and Registration

  • 10:00 Welcome and introduction to Pioneer Group and an overview of Planetary Health- Toby Reid, Pioneer Group
  • 10:15 Alternative feedstocks for the UK chemicals industry- Adrian Higson, NNFCC
  • 10:45 Polymers in liquid formulations: Opportunities for a sustainable future- Professor Anju Massey-Brooker, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • 11:05 Green innovation in green carbon technologies- Chris Mason, Appleyard Lees LLP
Session One: Chemical Recycling
  • 11:25 Polymer recycling technology for the textiles industry- Professor Du, University of Huddersfield
  • 11:45 Producing renewable base chemicals while preventing the incineration of plastic waste- Dr Abi Mountain, Head of Product & Partnerships, Itero Technologies
  • 12:05 Engineering Biology for reducing plastic pollution- Professor Pickford, University of Portsmouth
  • 12.25 Lunch and Networking
Session Two: Carbon Capture and Utilisation
  • 13.00 Recycling carbon with biomanufacturing- Dr Anne Delille, PhD, Government Grants Finance Manager, LanzaTech
  • 13.20 Chem2Flue Project- David Bott, SCI
  • 13.40 CCU in the Northeast Process Cluster – A Hub for Industrial Symbiosis- Ryan Siddall, Technical Manager, NEPIC
  • 14.00 Industrial gases for chemicals- Michael Burnett, Knowledge Transfer Manager ‑ Process Manufacturing, Innovate UK Business Connect
  • 14:20 Break
Session Three: Biomass for Biochemicals and Bioenergy
  • 14:30 A hierarchy for biomass utilisation- Anna Zhenova, Green Rose Chemistry
  • 15:00 Biorefineries as a hub for a de-fossilised chemical industry- Chris Holt, Ensus
  • 15:20 Producing Carbon-Neutral, Renewable Chemicals From UK-Sourced Biomass- Andy West, Sonichem
  • 15:40 Net zero acrylics- Mark Reynolds, Mitsubishi Chemicals
  • 16:00 Scaling-up to create biobased value chains- Dr Mark Corbett, Director, The Biorenewables Development Centre
  • 16:20 Close