Round table discussion: Transforming the UKs chemicals industry

  • 10:00, 11 Jun 24 - 15:00, 11 Jun 24
  • The Wilton Centre, Redcar
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The health of the planet we all call home is under threat, with earth’s natural systems and boundaries being increasingly breached on a daily basis. Human health and well-being are intricately linked to the health of the planet, which is currently suffering from reduced air and water quality, climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution from toxic materials.

The chemicals industry uses fossil carbon from underground as a feedstock. With humans use of fossil carbon being the main cause of anthropogenic climate change, there is a need to significantly reduce the impact of the chemicals industry on the planet. However, the chemical industry is only possible with carbon-based feedstocks – so unlike the energy sector, the chemicals sector cannot be “decarbonised”. Instead, this industry must be “defossilised”.

Defossilisation of the UK chemicals sector, that transitions to manufacture chemicals from non-fossil feedstocks, will require the creation of totally new value chains, cross-sector partnerships and business models that allow the sector to create value from alternative sustainable feedstocks, such as biomass, carbon dioxide and recycled carbon.

Join us for this exciting round table event, where we will discuss the transformation required for the adoption of non-fossil feedstocks for the UK chemicals industry, including, infrastructure, investment, funding for R&D, skills, policy and regulation.


10:00 Coffee and Registration

10:30 Welcome and introduction to Pioneer Group

10:40 Round table objective: Developing a whitepaper ‘Transforming the UKs chemicals industry’- Dr Jen Vanderhoven, FREY

10:50 Challenges and Opportunities for alternative feedstocks for Polymers in Liquid formulations- Professor Anju Massey-Brooker, Royal Society for Chemistry

11:10 The current status of the UK chemicals industry and barriers to transitioning to alternative feedstocks – presentation followed by discussion- Richard Wooley, Chemicals Industry Association

12:00 Potential future scenarios for the UK chemicals industry – presentation followed by discussion- Dr Jen Vanderhoven, FREY

12.45 Lunch and Networking

13.30 Transition requirements for the UK chemicals industry – discussion

14:30 Public funding to defossilise the chemicals industry- Peter Clark, KTN

14:45 Asks of the government

15:30 Next steps and close- Dr Jen Vanderhoven, FREY