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Drug Discovery Outsourcing Scientist

Drug Discovery Outsourcing Scientist

London, UK

The Discovery Enabling Team (DET) is a cross-discipline team which supports the research activities of BenevolentAI’s scientists, research informaticians, machine learning and AI technologists. We are looking for a talented Discovery Scientist to join this team to manage and support selectivity and safety screening across our Drug Discovery portfolio. You will be responsible for streamlining data-capture across our AI-driven pipeline throughout the drug discovery process to Candidate Development. Working closely with our Drug Discovery Scientists, you will directly advise and share your knowledge of outsourced-assays, their set up and data capture. You will work with project teams to define study requirements, help researchers set up pilot assays as well as running, QC-qualifying, and interpreting established screens. You will manage these datasets in Dotmatics ELNs and ensure that quality data is fed back to the teams in a timely fashion.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • DET outsourcing activities, for example Selectivity & safety pharmacology screens, primary pharmacology screens.
  • Manage outsourcing operations; including data back and circulation, compound ordering and shipping logistics, quotation requests, CRO contract relationships, and budget management,
  • QC data, upload and record outcomes in Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs), for on time sharing of key results with relevant project teams
  • Serve as a key DET-point of contact to internal Project Teams, the Safety Team, Project Management, Finance, and CROs
  • Continuously improve DET’s compound-to-data workflows, Dotmatics data capture and data presentation across Drug Discovery
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders to ensure all study requirements are met; including Target Identification program leads, drug discovery core teams, safety pharmacology, Project Management, Finance and external CROs
  • Participate in the organisation and logistics of business and collaboration meetings
  • Ensure assay requests and data strategies are developed and implemented within the expected timelines, across multiple Project and Target Identification teams
  • Keep up to date with technical developments in key fields, eg target and selectivity screening, safety pharmacology