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Protein Biochemist

Omass Therapeutics


OMass Therapeutics specializes in applying state-of-the-art native mass spectrometry platforms to characterizing challenging protein assemblies, including membrane proteins. By preserving the structures of protein assemblies, we provide novel structural insights into large, dynamic complexes. The company vision is to build a drug discovery company with these technologies at its core. OMass Therapeutics is inviting applications for several biochemist positions, focused on the expression and purification of GPCRs for drug discovery.

This is an exciting opportunity to undertake an extremely dynamic and diverse role within a new biotechnology spin-out company from the laboratory of Professor Carol Robinson at the University of Oxford. The company offers a thriving and creative environment for a well-suited candidate to be exposed to drug discovery and development processes and state-of-the-art technology developments. You will acquire extensive knowledge of the company’s operations and become an integral part of our future vision. At OMass Therapeutics you will join a team of enthusiastic and dynamic scientists with a shared passion for building a world-leading drug discovery company using an exciting and powerful set of technologies. Following a recent successful fund-raising exercise, the company is expanding significantly in different areas and has recently relocated to a new building at The Oxford Science Park. This is an excellent time to join a growing company.

The successful candidate will possess extensive experience in membrane protein expression and purification. Experience in handling protein samples and characterising expression levels and activity is key. The role is exclusively research based and as such, the ability to problem solve and develop innovative solutions within projects is a key attribute required for the role.