Adaptate Biotherapeutics Ltd

Adaptate Biotherapeutics is developing a unique range of therapeutic antibodies that selectively modulate targets on gamma delta T cells. These antibodies provide a precisely targeted signal to harness the potential of patients’ own gamma delta T cells in situ. In oncology, our solid tumour approaches are designed to modulate tumour-infiltrating gamma delta T cells to augment their cytotoxicity and disrupt the tumour microenvironment. Gamma delta T cells play a critical role in immune surveillance, recognising malignant/transformed cells through a pattern of stress markers and exerting potent and selective cytotoxicity. The recognition mechanism is not MHC restricted and not dependent on a single antigen. Gamma delta T cells also act as orchestrators of an immune response. Modulation of these cells in situ therefore provides the potential to increase immunogenicity even in tumours with low mutational load which have proven challenging with other immunotherapies. Our unprecedented approach thereby offers to set new standards in immunomodulation through the exquisite targeting of this most desired class of effector cells.
Adaptate Biotherapeutics is a London based, pre-clinical stage biotech company.