Amphista Therapeutics

Amphista Therapeutics is the leading Europe-based targeted protein degradation (TPD) company. Our scientific team, which includes leading academic and drug discovery pioneers from the TPD field, has developed several completely novel mechanisms to remove disease-causing proteins from within cells.
The targeted protein degradation (TPD) approach offers a greatly improved way of treating disease, and modulating drug targets, using synthetic small molecule degraders.
Our degraders are bifunctional, or two-headed, molecules. One end is designed to selectively bind to the specific, disease-causing proteins we want to degrade while the other end binds to proteins involved in cellular protein degradation so our molecules act as magnets to attract the desired proteins to be degraded. We call our protein degrading drugs, Amphistas.
Most drug molecules transiently inhibit a single function of a disease-causing protein but TPD degraders can remove the target proteins from within cells completely. This provides much more complete and durable inhibition of biological pathways leading to more effective control of disease processes.