Astrea Bioseparations

Astrea Bioseparations is the only bioseparations company to offer ligand discovery and adsorbent development services in combination with large-scale manufacture of chromatography adsorbents and production of pre-packed chromatography columns to GMP standards.

Astrea offers a variety of custom affinity ligand/adsorbent development solutions, which can be designed to meet specific purification/manufacture criteria, an extensive range of off-the-shelf bioseparation products for the recovery and purification of biologicals (such as recombinant proteins, viral vectors and plasmid DNA) and removal of problem contaminants (including endotoxin, prions and serine proteases) from research to process scale (up to 1000L batch size).

Astrea also offers a range of semi-disposable & pre-packed GMP Ready disposable bioprocess columns.