Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd

Cambridge Epigenetix’s mission is to change the way medicine is practiced by reducing several routine and important diagnostic screening tests to a simple blood draw using the power of epigenetic modification 5hmC.

Epigenetic modifications occur early in disease development. Cambridge Epigenetix is utilising its disruptive and highly sensitive 5hmC profiling platform, in combination with minimally-invasive techniques such as liquid biopsy, to provide affordable and accurate analysis of clinical samples to facilitate early detection of cancer and a number of other important diseases with unmet diagnostic needs.

Spun-out of the University of Cambridge in 2012, the Company was founded by Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian (co-inventor of Solexa sequencing) and Dr Bobby Yerramilli-Rao to commercialise its founding technology, oxidative bisulfite sequencing (oxBS-Seq), which enables users to quantify, and discriminate between, functionally-distinct DNA modifications – impossible with traditional bisulfite methods.

A privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Cambridge Epigenetix is supported by several high-profile investors: GV (Google Ventures), Sequoia, Syncona, New Science Ventures, Ahren Innovation Capital and the University of Cambridge.

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