Jiva.ai is a multi-modal, machine learning platform for data-driven healthcare. Jiva's platform technology enables the clinician or data scientists to create, test, validate and publish their AI models by empowering them to merge models of different modalities together. Multi-modal systems have the potential to create more accurate diagnostics.

To prove the validity of the technology Jiva is currently creating diagnostics in two priority disease areas: prostate cancer and liver disease (leading to liver cancer). In the prostate cancer area, we are able to create imaging solutions that outperform human-led diagnosis and thereby prevent unnecessary biopsies – an uncomfortable that bears huge patient and financial implications. Similarly in the area of liver disease we are integrating up to 9 different data modalities – from primary care data and socioeconomic data to sonographic imaging – to predict the susceptibility to liver disease in a screening environment. This will help save thousands of lives by catching disease progression early or preventing it in the first place.