Life Science Group

Life Science Group Ltd (LSG) is an independent UK manufacturing company providing quality custom biological and in vitro products and services to Pharma, Biotech, contract research organisations and universities worldwide. The Company is UK APHA approved and holds ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 and ISIA Traceability certification. The Company is focused on high standards of Quality, Traceability, and Integrity.

The Company is formed of four divisions:

- Life Science Production (LSP) offers a large range of off-the-shelf cell culture sera, including foetal bovine serum and Human AB serum, research-grade and GMP grade, cell culture media, buffers, and other reagents. LSP also provides bespoke contract UK manufacture of large and small volume custom cell culture media, buffers and other reagents.

- Biospecimens LSG proudly presents a broad array of biological specimens, constituting one of Europe's largest collections. Our inventory comprises normal and disease-state human donor materials, clinical samples, biofluids, matched sets and prospective collections. All samples undergo careful collection with the necessary IRB approval and donor consent. With collections in the UK, USA, India and Europe, our global reach caters to diverse research needs. We source our animal material from the UK unless specified otherwise. We harvest from animals in fully registered facilities under veterinary supervision, encompassing a wide range of species and strains. Additionally, the material is accessible from various agricultural species, expanding the scope of our offerings.

- Antibody Production Service (APS) provides UK-based custom contract generation of de novo monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with supporting services such as antigen/immunogen design, project design, purification, conjugation, small- and large-scale volume scale-up and characterisation. All procedures are performed by qualified licensees meeting all UK stringent ethical standards.

- Diagnostic Kit Services (DKS) offers aseptic product fill, kit design and kit packaging using both fully automated and semi-automated systems in clean room environments in the UK.