Pebble Biotechnology Laboratories

Pebble provides proprietary living organ systems in their state-of-the-art laboratory, maintaining human and pig organs in perfect health outside the body for prolonged periods.

Its approach does not require animal licenses, allowing for rapid, non-reportable, iterate-fail-repeat-experiments that accelerate translation. Pebble offers single, bilateral and multi-organ perfusions enabling powered analysis via randomised, double-blinded preclinical trial designs. Using this approach, the rapid investigation of concept therapies is realistic, without the need for laboratory animals. This reduces costs and de-risks the transition of innovation through the preclinical stages, reducing the number of large animals and accelerating progress to first-in-human.

Pebble supports proof-of-principle to preclinical trials through:
• Experimental Design: Proof of principle/concept, Design of Experiments (advanced machine learning/AI, N-dimensional, latin hypercube).
• Bespoke Protocol Development: with experience of over 800 perfusions, Pebble are ideally placed to design and run perfusions to accelerate your R&D.
• Clinically Comparable Monitoring: Pebble records organ function, blood haemodynamics, CO-oximetry and tissue metabolism. It generates inflammatory profiles (leukocytes, cytokines etc), and maps tissue state (omics, imaging).
• Data Interpretation: its senior team provides detailed data interpretation and generates presentation-ready written and verbal reports

Pebble works with organisations that are developing tangible innovations with line-of-sight to patients who require clinically relevant models.