Prokarium Ltd

Prokarium's vision is to create a highly efficient platform for oral delivery and targeted vaccine production, Vaxonella, which will work for most recombinant protein vaccines while significantly reducing development costs. Oral delivery reduces logistical costs, improves customer compliance and reduces the need for medical personnel. We are currently aiming to demonstrate Vaxonella’s clinical safety and efficacy through testing a dual, oral vaccine against Typhoid and ETEC, responsible for ca. 500,000 to 700,000 deaths pa (principally amongst children) due to dehydration. Vaxonella is based on a live engineered vector, a versatile plasmid system, and a bile-adsorbing resin. Vaxonella enters from the gut into the body’s immune cells to produce minute amounts of vaccine and generate an immune response. Due to its safety, versatility and cost reduction, Vaxonella could become a catalyst for the development of more efficient and affordable oral vaccines with tremendous exploitation opportunities.