Purespring Therapeutics Ltd

Purespring is the first gene therapy platform to specifically target kidney diseases.

There is a huge unmet medical need with dialysis or transplant the only options for late stage kidney patients around the world. Purespring therapies will target rare monogenic diseases, as well as much more prevalent common forms of kidney disease.

By bringing the power of gene therapy specifically to the kidney Purespring aims to stop kidney diseases in their tracks, and to do it as soon as possible. Patients suffering from kidney diseases have been faced with unsatisfactory treatment options for many years. Purespring is looking to change the status quo and to do it now.

We understand kidney diseases like nobody else. Based on decades of research from our scientific founder, Professor Moin Saleem, we now understand that the key to unlocking kidney health is the podocyte, a cell type vital to kidney function and health. This is why we are developing a proprietary platform and novel treatments focused on targeting the podocyte.

Our keys to success will be our podocyte-specific, gene therapy viral vector (capsid), our targeted genetic elements (kidney-specific promoters), our specific route of administration, and our in-house panel of analytics to ensure that we manufacture the best product.