Wellcome Sanger Institute

The mission of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is to use genome sequences to improve human health by advancing understanding of the biology of humans and pathogens. Based on the Wellcome Genome Campus just outside Cambridge, UK the Institute constitutes the single largest annual spend by Wellcome on biomedical research. Founded in 1993 to support the Human Genome Project, the Sanger Institute continues to embody scientific openness and sharing. Capitalising on the expertise developed through the Human Genome Project to develop technologies at scale, the Institute is now a leading global research organisation in the field of genetics and genomics. Today, the Sanger Institute infrastructure supports five distinct science programmes in:
• Cancer, aging and somatic mutation
• Cellular genetics
• Human genetics
• Infection genomics
• Malaria
The Institute continues to innovate on delivering its mission; this has resulted in an increased emphasis placed upon entrepreneurship and enterprise as both a critical outlet for research activities and a strategic opportunity to maintain Sanger’s position as a global knowledge leader in genomes and biodata. In 2016 the Institute opened the 200 seat BioData Innovation Centre offering flexible office space for informatics businesses that complement the unique research culture and science of the Campus. The Sanger Institute pioneered the modern revolution in genetics and genomics and it is committed to delivering world-class science and to encourage innovation in healthcare for the benefit of society. Sanger’s Business Development Team seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships with commercial parties; if you see an opportunity to work with the Institute, please get in touch at: [email protected]
For more information, visit: www.sanger.ac.uk/innovations