A National Industrial Biotechnology Strategy to 2030

The Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum (IBLF) has developed the Industrial Biotechnology Strategy, which will be implemented in three phases with actions across seven themes:

  1.   External environment – to achieve consensus on a consistent long-term policy landscape that supports industrial biotech
  2.   Funding and access to finance – leading to a supportive financial environment that recognises the potential of IB for driving growth and innovation
  3.  Infrastructure and regional footprint – ensuring that industrial biotech is a major contributor to clean economic growth across all of the UK
  4.   Trade, investment and commercialisation – positioning the UK as an international industrial biotech innovation and commercialisation hub
  5.  Regulations and standards – making certain that UK frameworks are recognised as robust and support risk aware innovation
  6.  Skills – fostering the skills required by industry to make sure that the industrial biotech sector is recognised as an attractive career option
  7.  Communication –  promoting one IB community voice, with consistent clear messages, where wider society is well informed and supportive of Responsible Research and Innovation in industrial biotech


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