Brexit White Paper – The Future Relationship between UK and the EU

We now have more detail and clarity for the sector following the publication by Government of their Brexit White Paper, which you can read in full here

The Paper builds on previous Government communications and provides more public confirmation that UK Government would like the UK to retain regulatory cooperation on medicines with the EU as part of the desired future relationship. 

Over the last two years, BIA has consistently advocated that Government pursue a number of policies essential to members and industry as well as patients and public health.  It is good to see much of this reflected in the White Paper and it shows that the UK Government has listened to the needs of patients, public health and the UK life science ecosystem.  

This a White Paper – it’s a statement of policy by Government.  It’s not the final deal, but it does provide the basis for detailed future relationship discussions with the EU.  Turning the policy into reality needs to be a priority now for UK Government in the negotiations.


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