BIA submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review 2020

The UK is in a position to lead the world into a new age of technological advances that will address humankind’s greatest challenges, from a vaccine to free us from COVID-19 to biological fuels that will deliver net-zero carbon. These innovations are being developed in the UK by companies that are attracting increasing quantities of inward global investment. This Government can successfully lead the UK out of the pandemic and forward as a global science superpower by backing this growing sector of economy in the spending review with targeted policies that will create more high-value jobs across the UK and leverage even greater private investment. 

In this submission, the BIA puts forward proposals to:

  •  Increase access to finance for start-ups and scale-ups
  • Support world-class R&D
  • Establish the UK as a destination for high-value manufacturing
  • Make the UK a world-leading drug development and launch market

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