BIA Submission on AI Regulation consultation

The BIA has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on AI regulation, sets out the government’s proposals for implementing a proportionate, future-proof and pro-innovation framework for regulating AI.

In our submission, we highlighted:

  • Adaptive, Sector-Specific Regulation: The BIA supports the creation of an effective AI regulatory framework, advocating for sector-specific regulations tailored to unique AI applications in biotech. They propose using regulatory sandboxes and a cyclical regulatory approach to keep pace with AI advancements. They also recommend additional tools such as ethical guidelines and data standards to promote responsible AI use.
  • Education and Evaluation: The BIA stresses the importance of educating clinicians, researchers, and patients about AI to mitigate overconfidence and ensure its effective use. They also advocate for national programs encouraging technical scrutiny and competitive benchmarking of AI technologies.
  • Collaborative Development and Global Alignment: The BIA emphasises their eagerness to contribute to the development of best practice guidelines for AI in health, highlighting the need for community and industry engagement in crafting effective regulation. They call for international alignment and interoperability with global partners in establishing high-quality global AI standards, with the goal of affirming the UK's role as a global AI leader



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