Extracellular raises investment from Big Idea Ventures

Extracellular, a scale-up and development partner supporting cultivated meat companies, has secured investment from Big Idea Ventures, global leader in early-stage investments in the alternative protein sector.

Extracellular is one of seventeen early-stage startups selected for pre-seed investment as part of Big Idea Ventures’ bi-annual new protein accelerator program. Investments were made through the firm’s three offices in New York, Paris and Singapore and the firm’s first fund - New Protein Fund I ($50M+ AUM).

Extracellular is providing scale-up and development capabilities for cultivated meat. They’re channeling biology, digitalisation and biomanufacturing expertise to accelerate cultivated meat development, while developing new innovations to help increase scale and reduce cost of production. Extracellular’s capacities significantly reduce development time and cost by providing access to the right equipment, people, facilities, and processes at an early stage.

Scale-up is a significant barrier to commercialization of cell-cultured meat companies. They require access to large bioreactors, highly-skilled staff and developed processes, which takes significant financial investment and years of implementation. Extracellular will offer bioreactor capabilities at the 100 L, 1,000 L and eventually the 10,000 L scale to produce tens to hundreds of kilos of cultivated cells. Extracellular will also offer process development and media development capabilities, and will invest in licensable solutions to accelerate the cultivated meat industry.

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