Ingenza collaborates with Amplifica to advance novel alopecia treatments

Ingenza and Amplifica join forces to develop alopecia treatment.jpg

Ingenza and Amplifica join forces to develop alopecia treatment

Industrial biotech specialist Ingenza recently announce it is collaborating with clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Amplifica Holdings Group, Inc. to develop an innovative treatment to address androgenic alopecia. Amplifica has partnered with Ingenza to advance the development of its signalling molecules – which stimulate dormant hair follicle stem cells and result in the active regrowth of hairs – from proof of concept through toxicology and clinical trials. The project will capitalize on Ingenza’s microbial strain and mammalian-cell line development capabilities and demonstrates the company’s world-leading expertise in engineering biology.

Dr. Ian Fotheringham, Managing Director at Ingenza, said “We look forward to partnering with Amplifica and sharing our expertise and knowledge to help advance both the lead product candidates and alternative versions with improved potential. Our innovative biomanufacturing technologies and technical capabilities are a perfect fit with Amplifica’s expertise in developing novel therapeutics for hair regrowth.”

Frank Fazio, President and CEO at Amplifica, added “Our collaboration with Ingenza represents an opportunity to advance the development of first-in-class therapies for hair loss, a condition with a significant unmet need. We are excited to be using our understanding of hair biology to advance our proprietary pipeline products with the help of Ingenza’s team of experts.”


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