BioIndustry Association Manufacturing Advisory Committee Leadership Programme - BIA MAC LeaP 

The development and training  of managers in the biopharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy industries is a key part of delivering the senior leaders of the future. 

The BIA MAC LeaP programme supports this initiative in two key ways.  Our programme supports cross-sector learning by offering an overview of the work of companies across biopharma, vaccines and cell and gene therapies by visiting work sites and seeing their work in action. 

We have created and support a peer network which shares best practice and develops relationships to encourage possible future collaborations.

The pilot programme was launched in January 2017 and completed in January 2019, following which an alumni group has been set up to support ongoing networking. On the back of the success of the pilot, a second programme is well underway, starting in January 2018, and a third double cohort started in January 2019. Currently 44 participants from 23 member companies are benefitting from LeaP.   

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